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Our Story

We’re not for everyone. We know it, and we own it. But hell, when it’s right, it’s right.

You can get a decent camera for under $500 at Best Buy right now (or get it delivered by Amazon in five minutes. You have Prime, right?)

You can download a free editing app called DaVinci Resolve, that (no joke) gives you about 99% of the professional tools and functions you could need to make a compelling, great-looking film.

And you can use YouTube to figure out how to use all this shit for free.

So why don't you?

Well, it's kind of a trick question, because on the one hand, you totally could (and hey, maybe you'd be really great at it too. There's never been a better time to dip your toe into visual storytelling. Honestly). 

But on the other hand, we're mainly using this scenario to make a point. It's a lot like the way the music scene has evolved in the last 10 years- there's a TON of noise out there.  It can actually be really hard to find the good stuff now, because of how many people are creating and putting out content. Seriously there is just so much out there, it's dizzying.

Anyway, I know this sounds like a rant, but here's our M. Night Shyamalan twist:

We aren't pissed about it.

We see it as a an opportunity.

We really love to differentiate ourselves, and guard the legacy of what gives cinema its magic (hint: it's not that brand new drone).

Character-driven stories are where it's at. They affect people in a way that flashing lights and acrobatics just never will. You can shoot with all the latest tech you want, but I'm sorry- if you don't have a story, you don't have shit. Great stories stand on their own legs, and they outlive the screens they're viewed on, and the people who create them.

That's fucking powerful. I mean, what a huge testament to the power of storytelling, for the creation to actually be bigger than the creator.

And that's what we live for. We are absolutely, stubbornly obsessed with producing work that stands out. We just want to help tell good stories, plain and simple. To sit here and list off all of our gear would really be missing the point. And truthfully, if you came here looking for a gear list, you may be too. We're not for everyone. We know it, and we own it. But hell, when it's right, it's right.

Thank you for joining us in our journey, we look forward to hearing your stories. We'll see you out there! xo




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***We really strive to stay on top of all communications with our clients. In most cases, we're able to get back to you within 24hrs. However, in the off chance we're out of town, or on a multiple-day shoot, we may take a couple days longer to get in touch. But rest assured, we will absolutely reach out to you as soon as possible, even if the project may not be the right fit for us. Thank you for reaching out!